Java Travel Tips

One of the special things about JavaCove is its secluded location in the coastal village of Batu Karas, an area far from mainstream tourist trails. This experience may not be suitable for everyone so we urge you to consider the following things before booking.


Car from Jakarta: 9 hours
Car from Bandung: 7 hours
Car from Yogyakarta: 8 hours


PLEASE NOTE: Above travel times may vary due to unpredictable traffic delays!


Our privately chartered car transfers are outsourced to a reliable operator who will pick you up at any time of the day or night from airports/hotels in Jakarta, Yogyakarta or Bandung.

For rates and booking please see the Rates, Packages, Booking page on our website. The best option is a car from Bandung to JavaCove - fly to Bandung daily from Bali, Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.


It's a long journey by car, but many people find it a highlight, taking in changing scenery from towering volcanoes to terraced rice fields & quaint villages. Car transfer prices include air-con car, driver, parking, petrol, tolls, surfboard carriage (1 boardbag per pax).




Batu Karas is a remote village in a 'developing nation',

where roads, infrastructure and medical facilities may not be to the standard of Western countries.

Electricity is 220 volts and electrical plugs are the round 2-prong type available at duty free stores.

Free WiFi is available for guests but sometimes it can be down or frustratingly slow!


Local warungs (simple eateries) serve Asian food and fresh seafood,

and 'al fresko' cafe/bar at JavaCove serves European cuisine. Please note food selection at Batu Karas is not as varied as in Indonesia's more popular tourism areas.


During Ramadan fasting month (22 Apr 2020 - 22 May 2020) food may not be available at local eateries during daylight hours, but breakfast, lunch & dinner are served as normal at JavaCove.


Like most tropical destinations, marine stingers can be a problem at certain times in Batu Karas.

Strong onshore winds during the dry season (usually June-Aug) can bring these to shore at unpredictable times - they can be there 1 day then disappear the next. Their sting can be extremely painful and can have adverse reactions for some people. We will do our best to forewarn our guests when the first sign of these stingers enter the Batu Karas bay.


Located on the island of Java, the province of West Java is referred to as 'Sunda' by the local people

who identify themselves as 'Sundanese'. Our guests often comment that the Sundanese are some of the most easy going, friendly people they've met. They live a simple village lifestyle and have a deep commitment to the peaceful elements of their Islamic faith.


Batukaras village is a casual tourism spot and the locals are relaxed about having Westerners in the area,

however, we suggest that it's respectful to be conscious of how you dress. Bikinis and boardshorts are fine on the beach, but not the most appropriate gear for getting around village areas!


Batu Karas is a popular domestic tourism area.

Weekends/holiday periods can get VERY crowded with 1000s of people. Our guests often enjoy the festive atmosphere but if it is not to your taste we do not recommend visiting Batu Karas on long weekends & during these periods: EASTER 10APR-12APR 2020; LEBARAN 22MAY-7JUNE 2020; JUNE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 26JUN-5JUL 2020; CHRISTMAS/NEW YEAR 25DEC-10JAN 2021.


JavaCove Beach Hotel has been established with the support of the village community,

and the friendly locals have always welcomed us and our guests into their area with genuine hospitality. JavaCove is not an 'enclave resort' separated from the village environment, in fact interaction with the locals is all part of the JavaCove experience. We recognise that this style of travel is not to everyone's taste so please consider if it is suitable for you.