The Surf


Dengan ombak laut Indonesia paling bersahabat, cara terbaik untuk menggambarkan ombak Batu Karas adalah menyenangkan dan sempurna untuk belajar surfing! Ikhtisar:

THE POINT at Batu Karas

Righthand pointbreak that rolls through a sand bottom bay in front of the hotel for up to 400 metres.

The takeoff is up to you: fast and hollow beyond the point, or slow and mellow at the shoulder section. After takeoff the wave mellows out with workable walls through to the far end of Batu Karas bay. If the swell's up the wave connects with Second Point where it speeds up through to another beach.

THE REEF at Batu Karas

Righthander with an easy takeoff that leads into fast walls unraveling over a lava reef.

This spot can turn on some real quality with down-the-line speed and barrels on offer in the right conditions. Mainly surfed when the winds are from the West from Nov-May. There's also beachbreaks and 40 mins drive from Batu karas is a lefthand barrelly reefbreak that works on small swells and is offshore with the SE tradewinds from June-Sept.

When to GO ?

Dec, Jan, Feb: offshore winds but very little swell

Mar, Apr, May: offshore winds, medium-sized swells

June, July, Aug, Sept: larger swells, cross-shore winds (although some inside sections of The Point can be protected from the winds by the headland)

Oct, Nov: offshore winds, small-medium swells

A NOTE ON THE SURF: Batukaras is home to fun hassle-free surfing but it doesn't have the consistency and quality of other classic Indo surf spots. If you're chasing consistent Indo perfection or top-to-bottom barrels this place probably won't suit what you're after.